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Here’s what they say about Gate Keeper locking systems


We use the Gate Keeper to allow multi access at NASA.  It allows us to maintain control in our testing areas.  Dennis M., NASA

The Gate Keeper is great in allowing vendor access to our sites while keeping our own key security.  Four different padlocks on one gate is helpful in maintaining control over our tower sites.  Samantha J., Verizon Wireless

We needed multi-user access to data storage pods and the Gate Keeper allows us the flexibility to give four different entry points.  It’s easy to use and allows us to use 2, 3 or 4 padlocks.   Lt. Reilly, Department of Defense

We use the Gate Keeper in many areas of the district to allow staff, city, county and utility companies’ access to the same gate.  We have hundreds of Gate Keepers in use around the district which serves us well.  David H., Locksmith, School District

We use the Gate Keeper in conjunction with customers’ gates, electrical vaults and shared utility locations which allow us both access while using our own padlocks and keys.  We have had problems in the past with padlocks being overlapped which often locked us out of critical areas. During construction projects we allow access to construction sites by adding and deleting padlocks to the gates.  We use hundreds of the Gate Keepers around the county which saves us time accessing our equipment.  Jim B., Eugene Water and Electric

Protecting the nation’s timber resources is a daunting task.  We use the Gate Keeper to share access with adjoining property owners and protection agencies while maintaining access control.  We have dozens of Gate Keepers in use in the USA Federal lands and Parks.  We love the Gate Keeper and how easy it is to use.  Capt. Jones, Protective Federal Services, Federal Government

The Gate Keeper has been helpful, the flexibility our Protection Services needed to control vendors to come and go while allowing us to easily lock them out as needed.  This has saved us countless time managing the flow of inventory.  We currently use the Gate Keeper in our IN, KY, TX and MS manufacturing plants.   Dennis M, Director of Security, Toyota Corporation

"Stop the Daisy Chain Padlock Madness" 

Other satisfied users

Ford Motor Corporation                       Coca Cola Corporation, Atlanta GA
NACAR Corporation, Daytona Beach    Land O’Lakes
ViaCom                                                 Waste Management
Air Products & Chemicals                     Hertz Global Holdings
Owens & Minor                                    Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Century Link                                        Duke Energy
PBF Energy                                          Union Pacific
Time Warner Cable                              McDonalds
American Electric Power                      ExxonMobil
AT&T                                                   United Parcel Service
Boeing                                                  PepiCo
Harvard Medical                                  Coos County
VAMC’s                                                Dell Computers
Portland School Systems                     UCLA
Valley River Center                              Lane Community College
Yale University                                    Cornell University
Columbia University                             National Institute of Health
Dartmouth College                              Springfield School District
Ocean Spray                                       Kraft Foods